Tablet reminder with notification 

  1. Not only tablets you can use this app to remind injection, syrup or any other kind of medicine.
  2. Doctor's diary: Store doctors details in the app itself
  3. Reminds your doctor's appointment
  4. Supports multiple users, this app can be used by caretaker, nurse to take care of the dosage of multiple people.
  5. Free download with the offline support you don't have to be connected to the internet to use this app.
  6. Track your measurement like Height, weight, BP etc.

Tabloo is a simple and awesome tablet/medication reminder app. Never miss your medicine now, This app reminds you to take medicine and doctor’s appointment. 

People are busy these days due to hectic work life and are not able to take care of them self. We earn lots of money but lose our health due to the busy life. We often miss doctor appointment or forget to take prescribed medication. There are nurses and caretaker in home and hospitals who take care of multiple patients it is hard for them to remember all dosage of every patient. To solve this two problem we have developed an app called Tabloo.

All app data is stored in phone memory. Please don't clear app data, or do a factory reset, If done so all notes would be erased.

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AppZweb, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, 560010

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